Thursday, November 8, 2012

Is it happy hour yet?

I had the privilege to shoot cocktails and entrees for a very popular nightclub here is Santa Cruz called MOTIV. It is owned by the same person that owns Suda, so you know the food is going to look amazing. What I did not expect was how awesome this place is. The downstairs is a nightclub where the young and hip college kids come out to play. The upstairs is a rustic sleek lounge with  a bar to die for . The staff  was super awesome to talk with which always makes a shoot so much more fun. The one downside was the shoot was upstairs. Yes, climbing steps with all of my gear without an assistant this time gave me my daily workout. Although I am not much for cocktails to drink, they are quickly becoming one of my most favorite items to shoot. They are colorful, fun, and the light play you can get is fantastic. I plan on a shoot a personal holiday cocktail next so stay tuned, but in the meantime, enjoy a little MOTIV.

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