Friday, November 9, 2012

My Addiction

So I have to put it out and there admit something to all of you. I have a personality quirk. Only one. I am addicted to magazines. I realized this today as I practically skipped into my house after getting the mail and finding not one, but three new brightly colored, shiny new magazines gifted to me by my postman. I am addicted to magazines. I briefly even worked for a magazine/media company (Hi Greenspun). My husband knows the best day of every month for me is when the new magazines start hitting my mailbox. He will usually get an excited exclamation point email telling him so starting with the word "yay!"

I have always had some personality quirk with either books or magazines. It started as a kid when I read 80 books over my summer break at the age of nine. I had stacks and stacks of books which as I grew older came to incorporate magazines. Teen Bop, Seventeen, YM (remember YM?) soon took over my room. Of course I have matured and at 31 my YM is now Vouge and Bon Appetit. .

I love everything about magazines (sorry trees). The articles take me to places I can never afford to go. The designs in the photos and fabric is instant window shopping for me. I dream of cooking in professionally stocked kitchens like in Food and Wine where every place mat is quirky and every wine glass is full of some single vineyard pinot noir countries away. I imagine walking down the streets of SF in my designer jacket, Chanel red lips and carrying my portfolio to Sunset Magazine in the valley in my new sleek eco-friendly case. If I had the financial backing I would create my own so I would never have to subscribe again with those annoying little cards that always fall out. No digital copy for me. I love print.

My really big dream is to shoot for one of these magazines and open my mailbox one day to see my turkey dish on the cover with its perfectly paired napkins and aged wooden table top. Until then I will keep collecting and making sure to get to my chiropractor early every visit so I can see what new periodicals are waiting for me while I do the same.

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